Busy Board Activity Cloth Bag


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  • Soft material – Made of soft felt wool, lightweight and portable. Busy boards are flexible and have no hard corners. Great for travel, whether by car or by plane.
  • Quality educational toys – Learning toys give children the opportunity to practice this knowledge and adapt to the pace of development to learn life skills. Montessori inspired childrens busy planks to promote hands-on learning, basic skills and fine motor development.
  • Multiple skills – Zippers, laces, buttons, etc. Different buckles, ties and buttons, the activity board mimics real-world challenges, so children learn practical skills while playing.
  • The best gift for young children – The activity board is the perfect gift for 3-6 years old children. In addition to helping children master the essential motor skills, the busy board provides a sensory experience that suits all levels of development.
  • Portable to carry – Playing on a busy wooden board will give you the opportunity to stay in touch with your baby. With handles and straps, its very convenient for your child to carry around. At the same time, this is an early development of toys. It promotes basic hands-on learning skills and fine motor development.

MEASURES: 32cm x 27cm


Adult supervision required.


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